Akg k7xx vs k7029601

Show Ignored Content. This is Tech Today Recommended for you. The K7XX has a 62 ohm impedance that remains constant from the sub bass to the upper treble. Because of the lower impedance, one might think that the K7XX is exceptionally easy to drive and needs a less powerful system than the HD The K7XX while not much more open than the HD, has a sharper, better defined image to what one hears. It terminates to a 6.

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  • From what I've read, the K7XX's seem to fit the requirements pretty well. Problem being, they are not really available in Europe. However, the AXL-AKG-K is. Precise audio and comfort are where it counts when it comes to reference headphones and the AKG K7XX reference headphones excel in both. The K7XX, launched in as a collaboration between AKG and the bulk buying site Massdrop, comes from the K7 family, which originated.
    The Schiit Audio Asgard 2 will make a good pairing for the K7XX if money is a constraint, and the Vali will make a great sub dollar energetic amp.

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    Sennheiser HD vs AKG K7XX Headphone Reviews and Discussion

    Hey SurvivorNVL, As the lead on this project I'm probably biased but here's a quick list of shootout impressions I did when we got the first units. It isn't what I would call a bright headphone, but it has a more revealing nature to it.

    The Objective 2 will drive the HD decently, but it will sound best plugged into a more powerful, more refined sounding amplifier. GuapoSssssBasshead Paul and 8 others like this.

    It also sounds slightly smeared in it's imaging compared to the HDmaking the HD sound a bit muffled compared to the HD to my ears. Joined: Jun 6, The K7XX is the more analytical sounding of the two, due to its flatter lower treble and upper bass.

    If the longterm durability of the HD's older sibling was anything to go by, the should prove to be a reliable and sturdy headphone for years to come. Like New!

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    Their headphones fall under warranty repair from AKG so they're sending in their Hey, Will out of curiosity can you compare the AKG K7XX to the K or any.

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    akg k7xx for gaming.
    It's more analytical and tighter, whereas the HD is more bloomy or chesty. Koss KDE Earphones.

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    The K7XX while close does have a few differences. Linus Tech Tipsviews.

    No, create an account now. I have almost exactly the same experience from my K Pro vs HD, well driven they sound very similar with K winning in larger soundstage, better layering and lower distorsion in the bass but HD winning in texturing, coherence and how to sound lifelike.

    Akg k7xx vs k7029601
    Will, thanks for the information. Unsubscribe from Z Reviews? If you can get them at that price, you should. Post 11 of Joined: Jun 6, Joined: Dec 17,

    The HD fulfills my laid back and warm headphone craving moods, whereas the K7XX fills the analytical, resolving headphone desires.

    Add to. I also agree they're both equally great at what they do well, when you stack up all their pros and cons.

    AKG K7XX RED Headphones review SoundGuys

    The identically-made HD Precision I owned was basically the older sibling to the HD, and despite being well over 10 years old, was in great working order. The treble has a little more extension, and while the HD is sweet, the K7XX is sparkly or a little more fizzy.


    Akg k7xx vs k7029601
    Its ease of replacing parts, more robust build, and simplicity of converting to balanced makes it a more reliable long term use headphone. The Objective 2 will drive the HD decently, but it will sound best plugged into a more powerful, more refined sounding amplifier. And the accuracy here would help over-driven electric guitars and brass instruments sound hot, too.

    This by no means makes it lean or weak sounding, because it isn't. Bananiq likes this.

    images akg k7xx vs k7029601

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