Cf9 datecompare in coldfusion

images cf9 datecompare in coldfusion

That said, it appears like ColdFusion 10 has the correct behavior. Regardless whether you supply an utc converted date or not, the record in the database will always be local time as far as I remember. Also, to complicate the matter, a UTC bug has already been submitted for ColdFusion 10which may or may not be related to this behavior. Featured on Meta. But, there's two reasons I don't see that happening:. Note: The mask w as weekdays is only valid for the release of ColdFusion.

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  • 1. DateCompare (date1, date2 [, datePart ]) Compare1= DateCompare (Date1,​Date3).

    images cf9 datecompare in coldfusion

    Compare2= ColdFusion CFML Reference. < See all.

    date DateCompare(date1, date2, d) not behaving as expected ColdFusion 9 Stack Overflow

    For and earlier versions of ColdFusion, w returns the number of weeks. In the DateDiff function, there is a difference in how the date. dateCompare(date1, date2 [, datePart]) → returns numeric dateCompare Argument Reference Examples sample code invoking the dateCompare function by Foundeo Inc. | ColdFusion is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
    You have this mantra of "backwards compat is king".

    images cf9 datecompare in coldfusion

    If am sending the api key to my api from the api manager, how does my api verify the api key is correct? So you are leaving the interpretation of those string entirely up to CF.

    images cf9 datecompare in coldfusion

    Which is not how CF9 worked, so this is, I agree, a bug. Fetching latest commit…. What I mean is in coldfusion 9 and earlier the time zone of the data is not part of the data set.

    images cf9 datecompare in coldfusion
    Cf9 datecompare in coldfusion
    Execute it with no arguments to get the current value, or execute it with an appropriate argument value to update the moment instance.

    In asking some simple questions our sales rep is now claiming that we are violating the acceptable usage portion of their license agreement:. Copying code from Stack Overflow? We internally used a UDF that uses either function dateconvert or datetimeformat based on the cf server version. I created a follow-up post about inserting into the database see the comments above ; but, I had only tested it in ColdFusion 9, not Actually I have no way to test this but it would not surprise me if internally it always store the time in UTC plus a offset value base on the time zone you chose.

    For CF9 and earlier, you will need to roll-your-own.

    ColdFusion Help DateCompare

    After you If date1 and date2 are truly equal, then the result of DateCompare should be 0. › blog › change-in-coldfusion-date-gettim. In ColdFusion, when you create a true date/time object, it is In CF10, the getTime() behavior looks more accurate than it does in CF9.

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    now());; EpochTimeUTC = DateDiff("s", CreateDate(,1,1), DateConvert.
    What are the actual values of the two date strings? That's more or less the kind of thing I tried in this morning's post.

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    images cf9 datecompare in coldfusion
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    What if I pass the dates from JavaScript, both of them are created with new Date?

    Category Date and time functions Function syntax.

    dateCompare Code Examples and CFML Documentation

    Or did I just miss the link to place where the real documentation is kept? But our efforts were in vain. Find the difference between two datetimes in datepart units, considering time zone differences their UTC times are compared :. The syntax and format masks for dateAdd aren't that hard to remember, but they also aren't very readable.