Crocodile marineford vs invision

images crocodile marineford vs invision

Luffy rapes, hard. The Humor is on point as the last arc was very dark this brings it back to normal One Piece while being epic as well. A lot of lazy writing for dramatic momentum. Elusive Prizes-4 Beginner's Guide. The UndyingJul 30, The same Doflamingo who wanted Crocodile as a partner. Didn't Croc already keep up with G2 Luffy?

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  • on voyage (Right after they pas Crocodile and Marineford_Arc. Ne you clearly don't ne anything in one piece war at marineford vs invision si.

    Yes they do have similar character traits, but Marineford Crocodile is too chill and lets Or the same guy who went out of his way to be as cruel and sadistic as.

    images crocodile marineford vs invision

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    The wildlife is unique At the end of the arc is the best part with the introduction of Aokiji that sets up things to come in the new saga. BitterColdJul 30, There's a dominatrix impel down guard lol. RakuyoJul 28, Franky gets a lot to do in this arc not only does he burn the blueprints to the ancient weapon, he beats a CP-9 member, saves Chopper and Robin.

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    Luffy says he's gonna become the Pirate King again showing the tears of Raleigh was also great with the music We GO Music was excellent. Sign In Sign Up.

    images crocodile marineford vs invision
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    The Bad Nothing.

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    The Good This is one of the saddest arcs in One Piece not only does arc reveal that the Going Merry can not traverse the sea any longer, but Luffy decides to get a new ship which makes him and Usopp go at odds with each other to the point where Usopp gets the fucking balls to challenge Luffy which is laughable to think but its actually heartbreaking and awesome at the same time and is one of the best fights in the series which just elevates this arc more than a set up arc for the huge shit in the next arc.

    Luffy wins of course. Posted April 8. The sexual assault on Naomi and trying to capture her for at least 4 times and its fucking annoying.

    Marineford Crocodile vs Marineford Luffy Naruto Forums

    The Blackbeard pirates which is a oh shit moment. Moria was disposed of by Doflamingo for being too weak.

    Location: Marineford Knowledge: Manga Restrictions: None Distance: 10 metres If this is a stomp, change location to Alabasta. Did someone. Location: Marineford SOM: To kill Distance: 25 meters Knowledge: Reputation only Condition: Luffy has no prior knowledge of the specifics on. If you have, are currently, or you know the outcome, Enjoy.

    NO "Straw Hat", Jinbei(Also said as "Jimbei"), Admirals, Crocodile, Inazuma, Ivankov, Jozu, Marco​.
    MayuriKurotsuchisaNaziJul 30, Franky basically is the best part of the arc. Jan 13AM.

    images crocodile marineford vs invision

    Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board. Take a second to look at our Beginner's Guide. Sanji does Diable Jambe and its fucking sweet as he knocks out Jyabura.

    MF Luffy vs Crocodile (condition) Naruto Forums

    With the Strawhats and the Franky Family invading the island of the World Government which is awesome.

    images crocodile marineford vs invision
    BittyJul 30, If Crocs wins it's mostly due to his logia intag Hanibal was hilarious and a cool character.

    The Good You can not watch this arc by it self cause your gonna need to know what the hell is going on in the entire the series. Posted April 5 edited. Luffy is sending BB flying, Crocodile suddenly strong enough to tank the tank that tanked a Mihawk slash, Vista equally clashing with the supposed strongest swordsman in the world.

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