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Kathy 1 episode, Jem 4 episodes, Les Hill Despite Justin's marriage proposal, Lucy can't get over the guilt of having endangered the kids. Gemma 58 episodes, Shop Assistant 1 episode, Brendan Roberts

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    Lucy was engaged to Justin Baynie. She currently works at a law firm. Family Lewis Crabb-Father, Belle Crabb-Mother, Tilda Crabb-half Sister, Pheobe.

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    Lucy Crabb is the eldest daughter of Lewis Crabb and his second child with his first wife, Belle.​ She is the youngest sister of Ned and the older half-sister of Phoebe and Tilda.​ She is the stepdaughter to Gemma and is the aunt of Phoebe's son, Jem and Ned's son, Sam. Did Lucy Crabb (Anna McGahan) depart Nine's House Husbands last night?

    After a marriage proposal from Justin (Firass Dirani) she left for an.
    TV series seen on Graboid. Ryan 16 episodes, Jagger Serafin Megan Holt 1 episode, Ben Palma Jem 1 episode, Lucas Ivkovic Sam 9 episodes, Ryan Johnson

    Woman's Day.

    Retrieved 26 February Steve 1 episode, Fifi Box Fairfax Media. Belle 7 episodes, Abi Bradford Mia 1 episode, House Husbands House Husbands title card.

    House Husbands is an Australian television comedy drama.

    The show debuted on the Nine.

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    Anna McGahan as Lucy Crabb (seasons 1–3); Georgia Flood as Phoebe Crabb (seasons 1–3); Tim Campbell as Tom Parker (seasons 1–2). House Husbands is an Australian television comedy-drama, created by writers Ellie Beaumont Justin learns his house has been sold and he asks Lucy out on a date.

    images house husbands lucy crabb

    5, 5, "Episode Five". Final appearance of Rachel Griffiths as Belle Crabb. House Husbands (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, Lucy 34 episodes. Baby Crabb 1 episode,
    Bouncer 2 1 episode, Andrew Blaikie Panas 2 episodes, Arielle Carver-O'Neill Paul Pearson 2 episodes, Carla McLeish Hipster 1 episode, Hannah 1 episode, Menik Gooneratne Muscly Barman 1 1 episode,

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    Matthew Graham 1 episode, S3, Ep5.

    Dennis Rhodes 1 episode, S3, Ep8. Bernie 1 episode, Adrian Auld Suddenly the pub's business is suffering thanks to its association with Abi, leading to friction between the House Husbands and the possibility the pub might be forced to close.

    images house husbands lucy crabb

    Mum 1 1 episode, Sam Healy