Nba 2k8 ps2 ign black

images nba 2k8 ps2 ign black

Shaq can no longer guard Steve Nash by simply slamming down on the left trigger. Keeping the conversation on the offensive side of the ball, you'll immediately notice that the speed of this year's game has been ratcheted up. Other features include the standard online and Street modes that don't differentiate from what we're used to seeing from the series. NBA 2K9 Review. In fact, the whole off-the-court presentation in NBA 2K9 is lacking. The menu systems look very outdated and even the color scheme will remind you more of a rainy day than a fun time on the court. Players do up and under moves, realistically collide with each other though frequently clip through the basketand pull off some other impressive animations that seem like they were ripped straight from the current-gen renditions which is a good thing.

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  • images nba 2k8 ps2 ign black

    In some ways, this is the fate of NBA 2K8 on the PS2. PS3 and versions of the game, once again the PS2 version feels like a mild update. Everything you need to know about NBA 2K8. Publisher2K Sports.

    NBA 2K8 Roster Update IGN

    Release DateOctober 2, PlatformsPlayStation 3, XboxPlayStation 2. Shaq is the best point guard in the read that right. In Visual Concepts' NBA 2K8, Shaquille O'Neal can be turned into a dominant.
    That said, there's aliasing that runs rampant on the court and it only gets worse when you take the game online. Rated "E".

    NBA 2K8 Review IGN

    The shot stick, a staple of the series, has been modified a bit to allow players to change their shot in mid-air. Sep 30, Run out of bounds and run into the mascot and there's an animation that plays there too. It's a welcome switch for a genre that so often rests on its laurels.

    images nba 2k8 ps2 ign black
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    Sep 30, One issue that has also been corrected for NBA 2K9 is that of missing shots that pro players should be making.

    Get knocked down and they'll help each other up.

    images nba 2k8 ps2 ign black

    Crowd noise could be a bit louder to bring out the excitement of a given moment but what's there works. IGN Logo Recommends. The audio also performs well with Kevin Harlan and Kenny Smith hopping into the booth and delivering insightful quips that stand up well against what I heard from the current-gen console versions. IGN Logo Recommends.

    will be featured on the cover of NBA 2K8, publisher 2K Sports said.

    NBA 2K8 Takes the Court IGN

    is set for a fall release on XboxPlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2. NBA 2K8, the newest installment in 2K Sports' pro basketball series, is now available for the XboxPlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for NBA 2K8 for PlayStation 2.

    If you've discovered a cheat you'd.
    Same goes for the coach. The biggest changes, surprisingly enough, actually do come on the court. In This Article.

    NBA 2K9 Review IGN

    That leads me to my main complaint with the mechanic, that being that it's only usable when the man you're guarding actually has the ball. NBA 2K9 Review.

    images nba 2k8 ps2 ign black
    Nba 2k8 ps2 ign black
    That means that if you picked up NBA 2K8, chances are you're going to want to skip 2K9, despite it being a solid basketball title.

    How do you change a videogame enough to make it worth sixty bucks while still staying in the confines of the given sport? NBA 2K8 was home to plenty of issues including gameplay that felt a step too slow and a newly adapted defensive mechanic that nearly broke the game.

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    If the refs make a call, a player will get upset. IGN Logo Recommends. Developer Visual Concepts.