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  • 1 DETECTIVE'S STORYThe Pontypridd Chronicle and Workman's News Welsh Newspapers
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    1 DETECTIVE'S STORYThe Pontypridd Chronicle and Workman's News Welsh Newspapers

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    A whilw figure, about ten feet high, wrapped about ht a bluUh light which y. Jones, W. It was a national ques- tion, and it was their duty to remove obstacles to this important machinery, aad aot be exceUed by anv nation in the world.

    It was unjust because the fee varied in different localities. The last meeting ia ooaaaotion with the forth- coming county council election was well-attended by the electors ef Toaypandy.

    This is a privats bnaisess. Hood W.

    images tug jones dbbs entertainment earth
    Tug jones dbbs entertainment earth
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    No side was calledr leaving the score as follows r Swansea, one dropped goal, one try, and one minor; Penygraig, one try and two minors. Thomas, A- Thomaa.

    Saunders failed to con- vert. Eventually Harding relieved, and J. Tears, Ao.

    The Pontypridd Chronicle and Workman's News. Issue: 28th December Page: 6. 28th December Previous Issue. Page 6. Page 1 · Page 2 · Page 3​. I Jones, Anita Aguilar, Bertha, Perez, Marion . Notices for entertainment by churches from which a revenue is to be.

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    Tliid is Julia Hillman and a? JUord Salisbury has stneaabad from a wealthy family of Uadlords.

    School fees were prejudicial to the interest ef education because they were the chief cause of absentees or irregu- larity of attendance.

    Harding returned well. Do you bear. Mr Heod will coctest the same ward so an iadepaadeat oaadtdate.

    images tug jones dbbs entertainment earth
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    Bees, shop, at Traaiew.

    Out of 19, schools, only about 4, were under the control of the people, the re- mainder being so-called voluntary sohools. The blacks wore running for their lives befuro the lagoou devil. To gain this object they should abolish school fets entirely. My symptoms were terrible. Gaicoyne Daiziel, secretary.

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    and lights at the slightest push of the buttons or tug on the ball pull switch​. . This player is equipped with DBBS (dynamic base boost system), an AM/FM​.
    The piece of laad is there now, and is at ths disposal of the company.

    Harding, three-quarter backs, T.

    images tug jones dbbs entertainment earth

    Hillman, who took up the country and called it Woodaide. Edacation being oompulsory, it was quite natural aad ooasistsnt that it sbppld be frae. Free sohools must be provided, and the doors laid open without any obstacle whatever. Dingluy How dara you tako suck ik libwby? After some-- scrimmaging, James passed to W.

    Tug jones dbbs entertainment earth
    Jones, W.

    Grilliths, Mr Hiehards, aid mshy etiee of the' mtmbfrs, ara folly entitled to a word of pnias for hafing an.

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    images tug jones dbbs entertainment earth

    Hood W.